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Musgrove Plantation
Old Property Description

Musgrove. a twentieth-century plantation with an eighteenth-century name and grounds that were nineteenth-century cotton fields, lies along Village Creek on the east side of St. Simons lsland.  Named for the half-indian "Princess" Mary Musgrove who played an important part in early Georgia history, the plantation was created in 1938 as a part-time home for the Reynolds -Bagley family.
With its five hundred acres of high ground and some seven hundred and fifty acres of protective marshland; with its pines, palms and ancient live oaks, its natural plantings of vines, shrubs and flowers, Musgrove was for almost four decades a secluded retreat for its owners. "the world forgetting by the world forgot."
Change came in I976 when the plantation became renowned as the site of President-Elect Jimmy Carter's unprecedented preinaugural cabinet meeting. Mementos of the historic event, treasured along with eighteenth- and nineteenth-century relies found on the grounds, add another dimension to the heritage of Musgrove Plantation.
Most of Musgrove is now St. Simons Land Trust property.



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