Coastal Georgia History
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Lawrence Plantation

LAWRENCE was once the property of Captain John Fraser. 
The tract of land known as Lawrence. adjoining Cannons Point Plantation, was granted to John Lawrence, one of the early settlers of Frederica. After passing into other ownership, the property came back into the family when it was acquired by A. D. Lawrence, who sold it to John Couper of Cannons Point in 1801. In the late 1820s and early 1830s Couper's son-in-law, Captain John Fraser, and his family lived at Lawrence.
In 1866 the property, along with Cannons Point, was sold by the Couper family to A. Griswold of Newport, Rhode Island.
Lawrence was later owned by Anna Gould Dodge, widow of Anson Dodge, who deeded it in the early 1900s to sons of Belle Stevens Taylor in exchange for land at Frederica. Lawrence later became the property of the Sea Island Company and now is a Land Trust property.








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