Old Pictures of Brunswick Squares

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Circa 1908 view of the southern section of Hanover Square looking northwest


Early 1900s pencil-sketch postcard of ornate fountain in Hanover Square


Early 20th century postcard view of sidewalk in Hanover Square bordered
by crinum lilies and Spanish bayonet with live oaks in the background


Early 20th century postcard of Hanover Square showing Confederate Memorial Monument
 in foreground, the fountain to the left of the monument fencing, and the bandstand
in the background.  The lush landscaping of the Square is evident.

Early 20th century postcard showing elaborate landscaping of Hanover Square


Late 19th or early 20th century view of Hanover Square from Newcastle Street
-note horse hitched to fencing around park and bandstand in the center of the card.


Postcard with postmark of Feb 1914 showing lush landscaping
 of Hanover Square, referred to as “City Park”.