American Revolution

Glynn County, Georgia

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Typical Weapons of the 1780 Period


Carriage GunThe cannon on the galley was in the bow, enabling fire to either side.  One galley, Lee was armed with an 18-pounder and a 12-pounder, a carriage-mounted, muzzle loading cannon which fired round iron shot. The weight of the shot determined the size of the cannon (ie- Lee fired 18-pound cannon balls.) The range was at least one-half mile. The Washington had two 12-pounders and the Bulloch had two 9-pounders


Swivel Gun- Each American galley had a number of swivel guns  (4 ft long and weighed 150 pounds) mounted along the rails that fired half-pound shot to deter boarding parties.


Pistol- A pistol was carried by the officers in the Navy.

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